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Our top notch processes are the combination of learning from the best industry processes and the zeal to build upon them further. This has helped us develop tools to maximize your profit and scale your business.

These tools also help you to manage inventory efficiently, save a lot of time & make prudent, informed decisions.

Our Capabilities

Inventory planning & ordering

The most critical task for any e-commerce business is to ensure that all the products are restocked at the right moment so as to avoid any loss of revenue as well as to avoid incurring any high finance costs. We provide restock recommendations to make sure you never run out of stock and there are no revenue losses as well as the profits are optimized.


Amazon Replenishment & Cost Optimization

We provide stock recommendations to make sure that you get accurate and economic inbound quantity recommendations for your products at amazon warehouses. We help you to know what, where, when and how much to stock at amazon and maintain healthy inventory at the fulfilment centers.


Amazon Reporting

We provide various performance reports (on weekly and monthly basis) for all marketplaces which are useful for better, efficient and quick decision making. Based on the different reports performance for each SKU can be analyzed and necessary product decisions can be taken.


Supply Chain/Logistics operations

Alongwith strategic planning of Inventory levels and restock, we can support with your purchase operations which includes placing the order and keeping track of POs. We have developed our own tracking method to avoid usual pitfalls in tracking orders and shipment status. We can help you manage your monthly accounting from the Inventory standpoint and manage vendor balances and due dates.


Amazon Operations

Alongwith strategically planning your weekly/ monthly Amazon replenishment & sharing weekly report, we can also support you with Amazon operations. This includes coordinating with warehouses and forwarders about the receipt status of the shipment and other tasks detailed below: