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Supply Chain/Logistics operations

Alongwith strategic planning of Inventory levels and restock, we can support with your purchase operations which includes placing the order and keeping track of POs. We have developed our own tracking method to avoid usual pitfalls in tracking orders and shipment status. We can help you manage your monthly accounting from the Inventory standpoint and manage vendor balances and due dates.

Inventory planning & ordering

Inventory planning & ordering is a very important and detailed oriented work which includes a lot of parts. In short, we ensure the following for you:

  1. Build on the company’s current supply chain strategy;
  2. Create, implement and maintain a purchasing strategy that ensures we have adequate stock of best-selling SKUs at all times.
  3. Analyze sales and stock reports to accurately forecast and inform the buying of inventory, packaging and other resources
  4. Continuously optimize inventory quantities and continuously reduce costs.
  5. Optimize inventory order quantity based on desired restock levels;
  6. Ensure supply chain is scalable and adjustments can be made quickly;
  7. We take total accountability for stock accuracy and the forecast accuracy.

For more details, go to the service “Inventory planning & ordering service” to find out more.

Placing PO to vendors

We deal with the suppliers to ensure purchase orders are placed, monitored and delivered. We take required follow-ups from them to ensure that the shipments are delivered on time.

Supplier communication

The communication with the supplier includes the following tasks:

  1. Keep upto date with production planning with suppliers
  2. Check Status of All Marketplaces Shipments – Mark As Shipped, Update BOL,
  3. Keeping and organizing all documents related to product inventory
  4. Negotiating purchase rates and payment terms;

Shipment tracking

  1. Tracking and reconciliation of BOLs/invoices/COAs
  2. Submitting requests for quotes for freight shipments

Warehouse co-ordination

We are familiar with multiple 3PL softwares like Shiphero, Shipbob, Shipstation, etc. We can help you with the following:

  1. Work with the warehouse team to manage elements of the goods receiving process;
  2. Creating the shipping labels in the warehouse software;
  3. Ensuring product is checked, delivery notes processed and stocked in designated correctly.
  4. Co-ordinating with them on email/ Slack to keep us updated about the shipment receipt status’

Co-ordination with Customs clearance agents

  1. On time custom clearance is ensured so that the costs are saved like standby, Demurrage and Yard Storage, etc.
  2. Sourcing and securing the best trucker with cheapest, safest and lowest time of delivery.
  3. Help them co-ordinate with the warehouse for receiving the shipment as per the timelines;
  4. Entering the invoices in the Inventory management software’s;

Payables and payments

We also maintain the outstanding balances for the orders placed and will let you know when the payment is due. Among other tasks, we do the following:

  1. Enter the PO & invoice in the Inventory Management software;
  2. Enter the advance paid in the software & the final payment made;
  3. Handle the COGS and review the COGS calculated in the software;

Handling Inventory management systems

We have experience in multiple Inventory management systems like Dear Inventory, Fishbowl, Trade Gecko, QuickBooks Inventory, Unleashed, Odoo, SOS, etc.

Accurists in Supply Chain/Logistics operations

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Supply Chain/Logistics operations

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