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Himal Goyal


With a total experience of 8+ years, Himal has a deep understanding of Inventory-based businesses. Having worked with companies like PwC and BDO previously, Himal has gained extensive experience in the areas of problem diagnosis and business processes. 

This was followed by first-hand experience in procurement and inventory management. Realizing the need for accuracy and innovation in the e-commerce procurement processes, Himal sowed the first seed of Accurest Consulting.
Today, Himal prides himself on being accurate and proactive. He is passionate about getting to work on new business problems, to improve the business processes, and eventually, improve their overall performance.

Over the past few years, Himal has helped more than 10 E-commerce companies maintain a constant supply chain and scale the number of locations and SKUs. Himal specializes in demand forecasting, developing restock models, and solving complex supply chain issues. With an eye for detail, Himal focuses on running a lean supply chain for his clients while ensuring no out-of-stock cases.