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Shubham Jain


Shubham is a qualified Chartered Accountant (Indian Equivalent of CPA) & Cost and Management Accountant (CMA). With 8+ years of experience in business process setup and business reporting across various industries, Shubham comes with the complete knowledge and understanding of Inventory based businesses. 

Shubham is very passionate and driven towards providing the clients with reports which are detailed, user-friendly, easy to understand, and customized based on each client’s requirement.

His need-based approach has helped him handle various e-commerce clients from a holistic point of view. He is an expert in the finer nuances of the Amazon inventory processes amongst other things.  Along with that, Shubham is also the go-to person at Accurest for structuring & designing accurate reports which help clients in various aspects. He is an expert in understanding the decisions from the reports and finalising the right parameters and timeliness for the reports.