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100% Remote Working Opportunity

At Accurest, we promote a healthy work-life balance so that our team members can live life to the fullest without compromising on either personal or professional goals. With a remote working policy that has been working successfully for so many Accurists already, we invite you to join a team that is not pinned to any fixed location on the globe.

Open door policy

While working with teams, differences of opinions or perceptions is a normal occurrence. At Accurest though, we never shove things under the carpet. Our approach has always been to promptly resolve the grievances of team members as close to the source as possible, with action-oriented solutions that are just, transparent, and always in the mutual interest of those involved.

The Accurest Wellness Program

In line with our facilitation of personal well-being for every team member, we regularly conduct sessions that help you disconnect from the outer world and look within about your physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga sessions facilitated exercises, and other fixed routines fall under this program to ensure that each one of you is leading a more fulfilled life.