Free Inventory Restock Excel Template

The most critical task for any e-commerce business is to ensure that all the products are restocked at the right moment so as to avoid any loss of revenue as well as to avoid incurring any high finance costs. It is important that the products are restocked at the right time and at the right marketplace based on the forecasted sales.

We provide restock recommendations to make sure you never run out of stock and miss any sales opportunities. We make sure that there are no revenue losses as well as the profits are optimized.  We take into consideration the production lead time, shipping lead time to the respective marketplace, and safety stock required in order to arrive at the optimum level of inventory to be restocked at each marketplace. We also take into consideration any disruption in production lead times or shipping lead times arising due to uncontrollable factors.  

How to use the template?

Use the sample “Accurest Restock Template” by entering the required information in the “Input Data” sheet. Then enter the incoming shipment / purchase details in the “Orders placed (Input)” tab. Once this information is updated, restock requirements for each SKU can be seen in the “Restock Report” tab.

Create a duplicate of the google sheet template by clicking on the link above and you are good to use it.