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Ankita Gupta

Ankita is an accomplished professional with an MBA in Human Resource Management and four years of extensive experience in the field. She possesses in-depth knowledge of various HR processes and labor laws, which underscores her expertise in the domain.

Ankita is genuinely dedicated to fostering positive interpersonal relationships, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating a harmonious work environment. She thrives in roles that challenge her and eagerly explores new opportunities.

In November 2022, Ankita joined Accurest as a Senior Executive in the Human Resources department, where she has made a significant impact. Leveraging her exceptional people management skills, she plays a pivotal role in cultivating a healthy and productive workplace for our employees. In her leadership capacity, she guides and directs the HR team to ensure that this mission is achieved.

Moreover, Ankita takes on additional responsibilities in various departmental activities, including performance monitoring, recruitment, payroll management, and meticulous employee record-keeping. These multifaceted duties contribute significantly to the seamless functioning of the HR department.

Dipak Kumar Singh

Dipak is a B.tech in Computer Science Engineering. Dipak has vast experience in Full Stack Web and Andriod App Developing along with Data Engineering and Warehousing. Dipak is passionate about learning new tech stack which improves efficiency by automating the manual workflow.

Dipak joined Accurest in February-2022 as an Assistant Manager – Business Process Automation.
Some of the decisions which our clients take are time-bounded and should be on a real-time basis. That’s where Dipak comes in.
Dipak’s role at Accurest is to automate the process of ETL (Extract Transform, Load) data and make it available for better data analytics. He comes up with and applies various algorithms to provide solutions for timely and faster business decisions.

Puneet Kumar

With an MBA in International Business and Finance, Puneet is a Supply chain Specialist with a total experience of 5+ Years in handling the overall process of Procurement and Logistics. 
Puneet has worked on overseas procurement. He also has experience in the Logistics process of the Supply chain which includes small parcels, LTL and FTL, and Global Logistics.

Puneet is passionate about solving daily work-related issues with a creative approach and taking on challenging tasks and roles. A driving factor for him is that he gets to know new things and is able to pass on the learning to him juniors.

Puneet joined Accurest in September-2020 as a Senior Executive- Supply Chain Operations. He was recently promoted to Assistant Manager- Supply Chain operations. Over the months, he has worked in demand forecasting, placing orders, Vendor communication, Warehouse Management & overall Inventory Management. Apart from this, Puneet trains the next generation candidates in developing their technical skills.